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It is self-evident that complex legal matters call for professional legal advice today. log LOG CONNECT AG offers something similar in the form of supply chain advice when it is necessary to redesign old procedural structures.


External specialists’ neutral viewpoint adds weight and value to an analysis. Deficiencies can quickly be pinpointed and addressed because the evaluator can analyse what is, unhampered by predetermined results.


Modern studies show that existing structures and processes do not generally have to be replaced. Often it is enough to make certain adjustments to optimise the workflow and meet increased demands. LOG CONNECT AG helps you decide what to replace or adjust, and carries out the necessary workflow optimisation.


Computer-supported or computer-guided logistics operations are indispensable in many cases today. Unfortunately, in many companies there is a divide between logistics and IT know-how. At LOG CONNECT AG, experienced logistic informatics specialists develop modern IT solutions that can range from introducing ERP to setting up interfaces with outside systems.

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