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Supply chain solutions are quite like successful recipes that do not win us over through their various ingredients alone, but rather through the subtle combination of ingredients. Supply chain solutions must use an integrated approach.


Physical transport and storage should never be considered in isolation when we are seeking warehousing solutions, supply solutions or distribution solutions. We must focus on the whole process, which frequently spans the globe and more than one company. Client satisfaction and especially cost savings stem from many individual success factors along the supply chain.


Mastery of the most modern information technology available, or at least its meaningful and optimal implementation, has overriding importance. Usually companies have a time-tested ERP system that meets intra-enterprise needs well. It is the communication with outside or connected systems that goes unused. LOG CONNECT AG’s IT (interface) ideas enable uninterrupted bi-directional exchange of data and thereby create transparency, reduce administration and facilitate meaningful and intelligent reporting.


Focussing on core expertise creates opportunities that many companies use for development or that may even be crucial to survival. Interfaces with external services become increasingly important to the company. Together with the client, LOG CONNECT AG defines the extent of the processes and activities that are to be sourced out (fundamental make-or-buy considerations) and assumes an implant or a suitable outsourcing model accordingly. In both cases LOG CONNECT AG attaches particular importance to social acceptability and reliable know-how.

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