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Ralf Keller (Board of Directors / Managing Director)

„…Focusing on core competencies creates opportunities that can be used for further development. Interfaces with external services thus move further inside the company. Based on the question „make or buy" we define, in cooperation with our customers, the extent of the processes and activities to be outsourced...“

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Michael Grün (Vice Director)

„…The saying, „Tell me how a project begins and I’ll tell you how it will end“ casts a shadow over the otherwise popular concept of 'project management', which most executives associate with control, milestone achievement, dynamism and openness to change. Often, however, complex problems are tackled under time pressure before having taken the essential decisions on how to best distribute the work load ..."

Telephone CH: +41 43 266 55 23
Telephone DE: +49 7731 - 94 65 102

Ricardo Bäuml-Kuck (Warehouse Management)

“… Fluctuating stockholdings, seasonal peaks and temporary business transactions can quickly become disruptive factors in a well-organised storage process. Remedial action can be taken in the form of quick and flexible stock transfers/stock withdrawals. Stockholdings can be managed on the customer systems. Barcode-supported storage processes with integrated goods distribution minimise the risk of error and create transparency."

Telephone: +49 7731 - 94 65 103

Dieter Löflath (Transport Management)

„…In all the modes of transport, profit margins are almost eroded, and there is a clear tendency to increase transportation fees and costs. Only by ensuring a seamless interaction of all the elements in the supply chain and by efficiently managing the information flows can our customers achieve an added value …“.

Telephone: +49 7731 - 94 65 104

Sascha Lotka (Project Management)

„…In many cases, computer based and computer guided logistic processes are essential. Unfortunately, there is often a gap between logistics and IT know-how. Our logismatics experts develop state-of-the-art IT solutions that range from the installation of ERP systems to the implementation of interfaces with external and peripheral systems  …“ 

Telephone: +49 7731 - 94 65 105

Michael Mayr (Project Management)




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Christian Heil (Project Management)




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Claudia Wenger (Key Account Management)


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Luisa Jebram (Key Account Management)


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Julian Bohn (Key Account Management)


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Dragan Kovacevic (Project Management)




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