Highly qualified staff are rare, particularly when they are only needed for a limited period.

LOG CONNECT AG has qualified all-rounders who follow through on specific client goals as temporary managers, or cover vacancies as specialists. Shortages and crises can be overcome thanks to full integration and identification. LOG CONNECT AG’s performance is measured by the goal achieved.

Recruiting a well-trained, highly-motivated and long-term staff member can easily cost a company a year’s salary and more. LOG CONNECT AG brings supply and demand together where needed, using its broad intersectoral network of contacts.

Temporary management

Management tasks that for various reasons cannot be taken on by one’s own staff can be overseen temporarily by external personnel. This can only be done by an all-rounder who has a high degree of experience and flexibility, and an ideal blend of tact and assertiveness.

Filling vacancies

Short and medium-term vacancies can be filled by external personnel (temporary contracts).


Management positions are frequently very difficult to fill using the usual job market instruments. Personal networks play a prominent role in reaching the most qualified candidates, in addition to detailed job and requirement descriptions and a careful evaluation process.