Project management

The catch phrase “tell me how a project begins and I will tell you how it ends” casts a shadow over the otherwise popular concept of project management, which most managers associate with control, reaching milestones, dynamism and readiness to change.

In many cases, however, complex projects are launched under time pressure without anyone thinking about the core necessity of target expectations. This is like wanting to take a difficult exam without first doing the necessary homework. LOG CONNECT AG compiles detailed target expectations in the preliminary stage, which comprise both an objective presentation of the existing conditions and a clear and understandable solution.

Based on this analysis, you can use the surveyed criteria to assess our proposed solutions and offers, and make a fair evaluation. In addition, LOG CONNECT AG’s knowledge of the industry ensures the success of your choice of partner and solution.

Personnel resources are generally limited and yet they are indispensable to the success of a project. Also, heterogeneous, global organisational structures make efficient project planning more difficult. LOG CONNECT AG’s project directors plan each step realistically and coordinate specialised know-how in the best possible way, thus ensuring time efficiency throughout the project.

Any plan is only good if it is implemented well. Sound experience is required when implementing ideas in detail. The project leader must be assertive and above all he must possess social competence and a capacity to integrate.

Many a project has won a Pyrrhic victory. Either the core objective was not or only partially obtained, or the project used up so many resources that the final savings were barely worth the investment. LOG CONNECT AG ensures reliable reporting and controlling of the project to the contractor’s top management at all times.

Target specifications

Target specifications give contractors a detailed overview of the conditions of the offer and what they can expect from it, including offer, tender and solution objectives.


Various offers are compared with one another in the evaluation and selection phase. The extent to which the various needs outlined in the target specifications will be met is defined and assessed (using a value-of-benefit chart).

Project planning

This defines the project objective and organises the relevant resources (manpower, know-how, time, capital, tools, and infrastructure) by means of a transparent project plan. For the project director the plan serves as a checklist for controlling and reporting to the contractor.


This puts an idea into practice, including the training of everyone involved. The implementation is complete when the solution can be activated “at the push of a button”.

Project controlling

This ensures that the target specifications set out in the project plan are met and it measures progress toward the goal in defined intervals. Deviations are reported and corrective measures are implemented.